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Onkyo M-504 amp speaker terminal upgrade
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It might be helpful to post an internal and an external picture of the existing binding posts or terminals. If the terminals are directly soldered to a circuit board it becomes a little more difficult. The other concern in the amount of rework necessary to mount them on the back of the box, including the space available behind the existing ones.

Good morning everyone. Michael Nixon here in Sugar Hill. I have a vintage Onkyo M-504 solid state power amp that works just fine. However, I would like to have the speaker terminals on the back replaced with something more user-friendly, preferably banana plugs. The angle of the speaker wire opening make it difficult to connect speaker wire.

If anyone knows how to replace and would be willing to perform this work, please advise. The Onkyo M-504 manual is easily accessable online. Below is a snapshop of the inside of the unit. Thank you

Michael Nixon

Sugar Hill, GA


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