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EmoFest 2017
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Tom Horner forwarded an email that he received from Emotiva. I wanted to post this on the forum in case anyone else wants to go. I've registered already! I'm heading up the day before so I don't have to get up early Saturday morning for the 4 hour trip. If you want to carpool, let me know. 


EmoFest 2017 at Emotiva headquarters in Franklin, TN

Where the Emotiva community connects for a weekend of audio nirvana.

What is EmoFest?

EmoFest is a very special weekend dedicated to music lovers and home theater buffs. During EmoFest, the Emotiva Staff, our loyal customers, and audiophiles and videophiles of all kinds, will converge on our headquarters here in Franklin Tennessee for a deep dive into all things audio. You’ll attend educational seminars, learn more about what Emotiva has been up to lately, get a glimpse of some of our new products, and have an opportunity to connect with other customers and music lovers from near and far.

This is the first EmoFest in several years. The reason for that is that we’ve been busy rethinking and retooling things here at Emotiva headquarters. We’ve been introducing brand new product lines, expanding our US-based manufacturing facility, and making a heavy investment in some serious R&D. We have a lot of exciting new things going on, and we’re very proud to have a chance to show them off to our friends.

We’ve also been listening carefully to customer feedback about previous EmoFest events, so we’re sure that this year’s EmoFest will deliver just what you’ve been asking for: lots of tech talk, audio demonstrations, and educational seminars.

Come join us! EmoFest is free to attend! You’ll make new friends and connect with the great people behind some of your favorite or soon to be favorite Emotiva products. There will be food and drinks served as well. EmoFest is a family event. We’ll have activities and even audio experiences for kids as well!

Emofest 2017 is a two-day event:

Tech Day:
Saturday Sept. 2, 10AM – 4 PM

Attend a variety of technical talks, audio demonstrations, and educational seminars. These will include a mix of general audio topics, current audio technology and industry trends, and technical insights into the development of some of our new products.

Open House and Customer Appreciation Day:
Sunday Sept. 3, 10AM – 5 PM

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our new manufacturing, engineering, and fulfillment services facilities, and spend more time experiencing our many audio demonstrations. We’ll have food, prizes, and other exciting customer giveaways.

Group hotel rates will be available on our event page.

Register at this web address:
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