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Audio Rack with Tempered Glass
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Hi Steve,
Thanks for the information about the VTI stands. It helps to know that glass won't interfere with the sonics of the room.

For my system, a 6-shelf setup would be too much. I'm either getting a 4-shelf unit or an amp stand and a 3-shelf unit - probably the latter.

Hi Michael --

I've used VTI stands with tempered glass shelves for many years and been very happy with them.
They are generally musically inert and not noticeably different than wood or particle board with my equipment. But as John said there are many isolation devices you can try to see if they make any difference to you. Part of the fun of our hobby!

Have you considered a 6 shelf model?
We are moving and I need to find a home for my black RGR 406 with clear glass.
Please let me know if you are interested. It will be an unbelievable deal ;-)

Good luck with the rack search.


Note that the Salamander is 5 shelves high and the shelves are 3/4" thick. The shelves are infinitely adjustable height-wise and there is nothing to prevent you from using two shelves on the bottom to make a 1 & 3/4" thick bottom shelf with as many inches above it as you wish. You also have the ability to use spikes, casters, or rubber tips on the floor. This is a very flexible platform.
Thanks for the links! I think Option 1 might work. My Emotiva amp is 8" high and weighs 52 lbs. The other options won't support that weight and/or height.

But since you found all of these, I'm going to keep searching to see if there are other options. I would ideally like the height of the base shelf to be more than 12 inches. This will make sure there's enough space to allow for the heat dissipation.

They seem to be a little expensive for what they provide. I would not be concerned with the glass as you can always use a footer to decouple the equipment from the shelf. The spiked racks are a good idea as they don't transmit vibration between shelves. 

Here are some alternatives:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4


I'm looking to buy an audio rack and found this one. I like the looks and the bottom rack has more height than most racks. Does anyone see issues with buying a rack with tempered glass? I know the glass will support the equipment but I don't know if it will mess with the room's dynamics?

If this will create problems, I can get something like this one from VTI.

Any advice/help for a newbie?

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