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Our Videos
AAC occasionally has the opportunity to create a video of a meeting or other club activity. When we have one of these it will be posted here for everyone to enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: AAC makes no representations about the information in these videos or the security at the websites to which the video is linked. We are not responsible for any of the opinions expressed nor do we make any claims as to their validity. Please use the same caution when accessing the links to these video websites that you would for any other website with which you are not familiar.

Meeting Videos:

January 2020 Meeting - Unedited version with a missing section in the middle. (Battery discharged & AC Connected)
Runs without any breaks in the action.
David Snyder & "Music Streaming De-Mystified" - 1/19/2020
January 2020 Meeting - Edited version with no missing section and split into sections based on the presentation outline.
Editing includes using both recorded videos and using the best sections from each. PREFERRED VERSION!
David Snyder on Streaming Music - 1/19/2020

David's Slides for this presentation. 1/19/2020 Streaming Audio Slides  Print a copy and write notes as the video plays.
Rewind the video to make sure your notes are correct. See the links at the end for resources he used for the presentation.

June 2013 Reel-to-Reel Meeting Video Videographer was club member John Clower... now deceased

Special Project Videos:
 Club Speaker Project See the Two Way Speaker Project Docs, Construction Detail and the Video
 Club Subwoofer Project See the Subwoofer Project Docs and Construction Videos