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Furutech GTX-D NCF (r) recent purchases and Linn t...
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Has anyone tried the ones from Mapleshade? I have not but they talk about besting Furutech's product.

I am sorry we didn't make it clearer. You are NOT intended to wind the wire around the screw. Those outlets have an internal clamp which is accessed through the holes in the back of the outlet. Those holes DO NOT have the simple push and hold clips that normal "cheap" receptacles have! You are intended to strip a short amount of wire off and then insert it into the hole. Tightening the screw causes a clamp to close and provides MUCH better contact for the wire than would be had by wrapping it around the screw. The clamps are actually semicircular and make excellent, positive contact with the wire.
I am also interested in the answer to Scott's Furutech questions re: the effect of the wall plate etc.

Also just wondering if anyone else had the same devil of a time installing the Furutech outlet. There wasn't enough space between the edge of the outlet and the edge of the screw to accommodate the wire from the wall. So instead of having the wire with a U-shape around the screws, the best I could do was an L-shape pinched under a small portion of the screw. With so much less wire in actual contact with the screw I was surprised at the positive effect on performance. Just wondering if anyone figured out a way to get the wall wire around the screw? Does the performance of the outlet improve if the wall wire contact with the screw is greater with a U-shape vs just an L-shape?

Recently Dennis brought to my home for trial the GTX-D NCF AC receptical.  Even my lovely wife was able to discern the positive difference it made to our system's sound.  So my question is for those members who also purchsed the Furutech 105-D NCF Neo damper and Furutech GTX wall plate, was there additional benefit?

Secondly, I am considering upgrading my Linn LP 12 Turntable.  Lawson at Sound Image has some great suggestions as he has done work on my turntable before achieving audible results.  Who in the club also has made upgrades to the Linn turntable and what results did you hear?


Scott Foust
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