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Thiel CS 2.4 speakers
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I'm lowering the price of my Theil CS 2.4 speakers to $1,500. Outriggers have been sold.
Hi Bob, I'm contemplating your speakers....can I ask why are you selling them and what's replacing them?  I presently have a pair of 2.4's in striated ebony (it was one of the custom finishes that has kind of stripes in the grain.)  I love them so much I'm tempted to buy yours as a backup pair and I would REALLY like the outriggers.  Just a heads up to let you know I'm giving it some thought.  Once I acquired the right amp for these speakers they really sing....I have to tell you I purchased a used Pass Labs 150.8 amplifier and that really fleshed out the upper bass lower mid-range and warmed the speakers up ALOT.  I use an Aesthetix Janus/Calypso on the front end and a Directstream DAC.  The Pass amp made all the difference in the world.  It was a revelation.  I'm local of course so you wouldn't have to hassle with shipping.
Beautiful pair of Thiel CS 2.4 speakers in Black Ash. Cosmetically virtually perfect. I'm including the optional $275/set Outrigger feet if desired. Useful if you want super rigid support and tip over prevention, but not really necessary. I have the crates if you want them too, but they are big and heavy, very well built just like the speakers! Awesome sound from these 3 way speakers, featuring Thiels famous coincident tweeter/midrange, and a robust 8" aluminum inverted cone woofer with 7.5" x 11" passive radiator. Originally $4,500 a pair list plus the $275 outriggers, I'd like $1,800. Many reviews out there can tell you more than I can, here are a few:

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