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Replace Polk RTi12 in home theater with Monitor Au...
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The room is about 15 by 16 feet, rectangular.  Front speakers are to the left and right of the 100 inch screen.  Center is on short stand in front and under the screen.  Rears are currently on stands behind the four seats.  Projector and electronics are on a stand between the seats.  
Hmm...tell us a bit more about the size/shape of your theater room.
My home theater currently has Polk speakers in the front and rear, RTi12's in front, RT1A1 in rears, bought on 2007.  With a budget of $4K, I went to HiFi Buys yesterday and listened to the Monitor Audio Silver 500's, and am thinking of using those for the front, plus the Silver C350 (center) and Silver FX (rears).  Any thoughts on if this is a good move?  Thanks in advance! 
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