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Geek Pulse Xfi versus Oppo HA-1
Thomas Horner
I just about had it with the Geek Pulse Xfi I got for a great price from the funding campaign.  Once again I am having to return it because the audio no longer works.  Unplugging it without turning it off (seems like a benign thing to do) did it in, it appears.
Now that I vented, I am wondering if the Oppo HA-1 which has the same features I need would be a good substitute.  At least it will not flake out at the slightest "mistake" - it would be a more robust unit for sure!
At the picnic I should have a loaner Geek Pulse (basic unit) to use, but am I thinking of getting the Oppo quickly sent to me to have before Sunday. 
Reviews of the Oppo are excellent.  Thoughts?